Enrolment November 2018

MAKING A CHOICE 1 There are different types of primary schools. Both public (openbare) or independently-run (bijzondere) primary schools exist; these schools can also have different educational approaches. A wide range of choices is available; there are 49 primary schools in Haarlem. It is imperative that you visit different schools before enrolling your child. This will allow you to decide what schools suit your child best. You can enquire at the school(s) in question for more information on visits. You (will) have received this information on the placement policy and the enrolment form around the third birthday of your child. Priority at a school Your child has priority status on the six primary schools that are nearest to the child’s home address. These six priority schools (voorrangsscholen) are determined by the walking distance between the primary schools and the home address. The ‘Vrije Scholen’ (Free Schools) and the Islamic school are exceptions to this rule; any child that lives in Haarlem or its vicinity has equal priority (home address has no influence on these). Haarlem schools located on the edge of the city may have their priority area extend into neighbouring municipalities. Priority for children living in the neighbouring municipality in question is equal to the priority for a child living in Haarlem. By filling in the home address and date of birth of your child at www.naarschoolinhaarlem.nl, you can find the primary schools in order of vicinity and the schools your child will receive priority status. When children have reached the age of four, they are eligible to receive primary education. In Haarlem there are new rules for the enrolment and registration of children. These rules apply to all children born after the first of January, 2015 (01/01/2015). Start