Esprit Scholen Education Manifesto 2018-2022

The 7 ambitions of Esprit Schools 1 2 3 4 knowledge-sharing for the benefit of students are therefore indispensable. That cooperation, including between schools, is aimed at ensuring their unimpeded growth and development, promoting equal opportunities for success and smooth transitions within and between schools. Continuous innovation Esprit Schools is an enterprising and innovative organisation. We work with the school and teaching concepts that bring out the best in our students, drawing on the latest educational knowledge and insights. We are continually expanding our boundaries, incorporating the possibilities of IT into our education and expanding our didactic repertoire to make learning as effective as possible. To provide the best place of learning for students Esprit Schools includes a whole host of different schools and educational concepts. We are a unique organisation where students aged between 4 to 18+ can find the best place of learning for them. Within one educational organisation, we provide primary education, vocational education (vmbo), higher secondary education (havo), pre-university education (vwo), and grammar school (gymnasium), international education and education for refugees and other newcomers. Flexible learning paths Esprit Schools strives to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted path through school for all our students. We provide both primary and secondary education. Cooperation and Educating world citizens For Esprit Schools, every Amsterdam student is a citizen of the world. Internationalisation is a part of all Esprit schools. Our aim is to contribute to equal opportunities and social cohesion in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the world. The international dimension can clearly be seen in the values ​that guide our day-to-day work. We prepare students who can participate in and contribute to a pluralistic society. We develop global citizenship by ensuring equal opportunities and making full use of the opportunities that our education offers, such as the acquisition of wide-ranging and extensive knowledge, communication skills, multilingualism and an open, respectful attitude.