Esprit Scholen Education Manifesto 2018-2022

Life-long learning Esprit Schools invests in good employment practices. Our teacher- training activities contribute to the training, research and professiona- lisation of the teachers of today and of tomorrow. We recognise the power of learning and research in the workplace for all our employees, and the need to motivate future colleagues to work in teaching and at our schools. Being sustainable Esprit Schools wholeheartedly recognises the importance of sustainability and this is reflected in its education, organisation and school buildings. Sustainability is defined as development that meets the needs of the present without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In our education, we 5 6 7 focus specifically on sustainability, so that our students come to understand its importance, take responsibility and help to build a sustainable future. We are careful to set a good example by using our (energy) resources and buildings responsibly and by minimising waste effectively. At the heart of the community, and with the community’s interests at heart Esprit Schools is closely involved in Amsterdam’s highly diverse community and seeks to play a proactive role in this. Students at Esprit Schools reflect the global and local diversity of the local population. We want to contribute not only to the development of our students, but also to the community in which they are growing up and in which we work.