Esprit Scholen Education Manifesto 2018-2022

‘Learning without boundaries in Amsterdam: education in an international context with couleur locale’ This Education Manifesto describes Esprit Schools’ aims and principles, what we strive to do for our students in and around Amsterdam, for parents, and for members of staff. In short, it demonstrates our values and what makes us different. In everything that we at Esprit Schools do and in every decision we make, we always ask ourselves what it means for our students. This manifesto provides direction and focus, and serves as a unifying link between all our schools. We see this Education Manifesto as a strategic agenda and a guideline, on the basis of which we can legitimise the choices and decisions that we make. In addition, we use the Education Manifesto as a guideline for dialogue, with each other at schools, and with our stakeholders. The manifesto means that we can be held to account regarding our goals and aspirations as an educational organisation, and how we seek to make those aspirations a reality. Bringing people together and providing a common space This Education Manifesto provides a clear and unified framework, and is designed to inspire all Esprit Schools. At the same time, it also speaks to the unique qualities and potential of the various schools and of the professio- nals who work at them. Couleur locale reflects the diversity of Esprit Schools, where every school has its own unique character and enriches the group as a whole. Our motto – ‘learning without boundaries’ Learning without boundaries encapsulates: • Our education and teaching, and the scope for development and personal growth that we create for our students.