Enrolment 2023

Start When children reach the age of four, they are eligible for primary education. In Haarlem and Spaarndam-Oost there are shared rules for the enrolment and registration of children. 1 Making a choice You can choose from 49 primary schools in Haarlem. There are different types of primary schools. Both public (openbare) and independently-run (bijzondere) primary schools exist; these schools can also have different educational approaches. We advise you to visit several schools before enrolling your child. You can then decide which schools suit your child best. Contact the schools you are interested in and ask when you can visit them and see the schools for yourself. Parents of children born between September 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020 are invited to register their child. Priority at a school Your child has priority status on the six primary schools that are nearest to the child’s home address. These six priority schools (voorrangsscholen) are determined by the walking distance between the primary schools and the home address. The ‘Vrije Scholen’ (Free Schools) and the Islamic school are exceptions to this rule; any child that lives in Haarlem or its vicinity has equal priority (the home address is no object). Haarlem schools located on the edge of the city may have their priority area extend into neighbouring municipalities. The priority for children living in the relevant neighbouring municipality is equal to the priority for a child living in Haarlem. By filling in your child’s home address and date of birth at www.naarschoolinhaarlem.nl you can find the primary schools in order of vicinity and the schools your child has priority status.