Enrolment 2023

More information www.naarschoolinhaarlem.nl On this website (a redirect to cjg.kennemerland.nl ) you can find information of the primary schools in Haarlem. • After filling in your child’s home address and date of birth, you will find the schools where your child has priority status and the list of all the schools in Haarlem. • This website contains links to the websites of the specific schools and boards. • Parents who have not received an application form can download one from this website. Helpdesk ‘plaatsingsbeleid’ (placement policy) If you need help or have questions, you can contact the helpdesk: • By email: info@naarschoolinhaarlem.nl • By phone: 023 543 0160 Schools and boards You can reach any school or schoolboard for questions. The websites of the schools contain additional information (e.g.: information concerning priority or preschool facilities).